Q: Are classes taught in Chinese or English?
A: It depends on the students. Most classes are taught mainly in Chinese, but if some students cannot speak Chinese, the teachers will also explain in English. All teachers can speak sufficient English to teach, so don’t worry if you cannot speak Chinese!

Q: Why should I learn to dance?
A: Everyone has different reasons to learn dance, of course, but generally people learn to dance because dancing makes them happy. When you begin to dance, you become more aware of your body and learn a new way to communicate with people. Dance is not just movement- it is also communication- between partners, performers and an audience, or even with oneself as a form of meditation. When you understand how to communicate with dance you can meet and form relationships with people not just in Taipei but throughout the world. Many people who start dancing with a one hour class once a week soon find themselves going to parties every week and eventually traveling internationally to attend dance events and meet international friends who have visited Taiwan. Dance can be something you do only in the studio if that’s what you want, or it can open the whole world to you.

Q: But I am too… (young, old, out of shape, introverted)…
A: If you enjoy music and learning new ways to move your body and interacting with people in a way that doesn’t require a lot of talking, you can learn to dance. Dancers are all different ages, body shapes, and personalities. If you genuinely desire to learn dance and can open your mind and body to be taught and interact with new people in a considerate and respectful way, don’t let fear talk you out of taking your first step into the studio. You can do it!

Q: Do I need any experience?
A: We regularly offer short-term courses for complete beginners. These classes are designed for people who have absolutely no experience in any form of dance. If you’ve never danced before, or it’s been a long time, or you haven’t danced that particular dance style before, these beginner classes are for you! We also have higher level classes which require that you have the level of experience to keep up with the curriculum.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner?
A: No! All dancers rotate in every regular class, so there is no need to bring a partner. If you wish to train only with a specific partner, we offer private training sessions as well.

Q: How much does dance training cost?
A: It depends on the class. Some beginner courses have a set cost for the entire session which is currently NT$2000 for 6 class sessions. Other training classes are generally NT$400 per hour. TLDA members can also purchase discounted class cards- (5 classes for NT$1800, 10 classes for NT$3500 or 20 classes for NT$6500)

Q: How long do I have to learn before I can enjoy dancing socially (at parties)?
A: This answer is different for everyone. Some people are very brave and start going to parties after just a few classes. Others take a little longer to feel comfortable. It’s up to how much effort you put in and your level of self-confidence.

Q: Do I need to register before coming to class for the first time?
A: We appreciate it if you message us ahead of time so we can expect you and answer any other questions you have. However, you can also just show up. We suggest you come about ten minutes early if it’s your first class.

Q: What should I wear to dance class?
A: Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Don’t wear clothes that are too baggy or too tight. If you do not have dance shoes in the beginning, wear whatever shoes you feel comfortable in. It is better if the soles of your shoes are not rubber as rubber will make it harder to turn.


Q: 請問課程收費怎麼算?
A: 依教室課程劃分:
1. 入門/基礎期課 (level 1 & 2): 一期六堂課收費2000元,缺課不補,第一次來的新生可享第一堂課200元體驗價試上,若課後想繼續上完整期即補差額即可
2. 其他常態課或特殊專攻班: 單堂400元 (無提供體驗價), 或教室課卡制 (有5堂1800元; 10堂3500元, 20堂6500三種方案)

Q: 可以試上或單堂體驗嗎?
A: 針對第一次來的新生,我們有提供“入門課”第一堂課以200元體驗價試上,若要繼續上完整期入門課程,則補齊整期的費用2000元 (入門課一期為6堂課)

Q: 若一般期課(六堂一期)無法每堂到怎麼辦?
A: 可以選擇單次付400元,或用課卡儲值堂數 (5堂1800元; 10堂3500元, 20堂6500三種方案),上多少扣多少

Q: 請問上課鞋子穿著要怎麼準備?
A: 穿著以輕便休閒為主,鞋子如果有舞蹈專用的拉丁鞋或練習鞋是最好,若還沒有舞鞋,可穿鞋底摩擦力小一點的便鞋,以腳掌能在地板上輕鬆旋轉為主,較不建議膠底的運動鞋

Q: 舞鞋要去哪裡買?
A: 建議初學者可先買平底的舞蹈專用練習鞋(ex.: 爵士鞋或芭蕾舞軟鞋),可到西門町漢中街一帶的舞蹈用品店選購,
本店: 台北市南昌路一段129號
長安店: 台北市長安東路二段189號
中和店: 景新街342號3樓

安法舞鞋: 台北市基隆路一段8號10樓之一
女王舞鞋: 新北市板橋區民生路二段234巷2弄5號1樓(板南線新埔捷運站3號出口2分鐘, 位於千硯室內設計公司內)

Q: 沒有舞伴沒有關係嗎?
A: 雙人舞課程中舞伴會輪替,不需自備舞伴哦!

Q: 沒有舞蹈基礎,手腳不協調也可以嗎?
A: 當然可以,學舞是需要耐心的,不是上完幾堂課就可速成,即使有其他的舞蹈基礎也不見得適合在每種舞,而每個人的學習程度和身體條件不同,有的學得快有的慢,只要有耐心和持續規律的上課+練習,一定會看到成效的

Q: 沒上過入門課可直接上進階的常態課或專攻班嗎?
A: 如果你是完全沒上過正規的Salsa, bachata, Zouk課程 (舞會中偶爾遇到的free lesson不算),為了維護上課品質,建議還是從入門班開始學起,除非你已經在別的地方學過一陣子了,可依個人程度加入適合自己的課程,但最終是否能插班上課還是得通過老師的檢測標準才行哦!

Q: 上課全程用中文還英文上課?
A: 大部分時間都是用中文上課,但若班上偶有外國朋友加入,老師也會適時用英文解說,教室老師都有足夠的英文溝通能力,請外國朋友不用擔心哦!