Taiwan Latin Dance Academy 希望能將以舞蹈藝術的研究、演出、教育及推廣,來增進拉丁舞的藝術及品質,並且推廣舞蹈藝術相關文化、舉辦各種不同類型的舞蹈活動,吸引更多年輕人喜歡及熱愛拉丁舞蹈,讓舞蹈與音樂更融入我們的生命。

現在我們的課都在Flow Taipei.

Taiwan Latin Dance Academy’s mission is to enhance the quality and appreciation of Latin dance in Taiwan through education, training, and performance.   We promote the culture of dance as art and lifestyle and organize various dance events to attract the next generation of dancers.  We also invite international artists for cultural and artistic exchanges for the benefit of the Taiwan dance community and to elevate the training of our own dancers.  We love Latin dance and want to share how music and dance can blend with life. If you are already a dance lover or if you want to find out how dance can enrich your life, we welcome you to TLDA!

All of our classes are now located at Flow Taipei.